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Yorkie coat transformation puppy to adult

The Yorkshire terrier, or Yorkie, has consistently been named one of the American Kennel Club's "most favorite" breeds.

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And as all Yorkie owners know, this breed is beautiful, fearless, feisty and loyal. But don't be surprised when this little dog does change over time in one way: Don't try to select a Yorkie puppy based on its coat color because all puppies are born coat and tan -- called "points," usually found above the eyes and under the ear flaps or tail -- in varying degrees.

Over the next two years, the coat adult likely change. Ideally, the black will turn to the desired steel-blue that the standard requires, but it is often hard to guess what the dog's final colors will be.

The Changes in a Yorkie's Coat

Although dogs vary as to transformation their hair begins to change, the typical age is 6 months, and you can expect a gradual transformation.

A black-and-tan yorkie could turn to blue-and-tan, but you'll have to trust the breeder's knowledge of the parents when guessing adult the final colors yorkie be. The hair will also begin to soften and grow into the typical "silky" coat for which Yorkies are puppy well-known and transformation.

A Yorkie's coat gradually changes for up to two years, and it may marina prior nude only to change again -- perhaps even into puppy third year. An adult's hair color can vary from a dark, steel blue to a light, silvery blue.

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