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Wolf cunt vore

wolf Wolf-Puppy girl Vore has a special master who brings her special treats - "bad guys" he wants his pet Reina to dispose of for him! Her hungry belly growls and snarls loudly begging for her next prey. Reina has perfected her ability to trick any "treat" her master wolf her cunt down vore wet throat with her cute puppydog maa tv swathi nude and soft belly.

Reina the wolf-puppy is so charming, she tells you the rules for taking care of her and promises to be good when she vore her treat - YOU!! After swallowing you up, Reina belches as her belly gurgles wolf digests you. She can't wait until her master comes home to rub her full gurgling belly like always - belly rubs after gulping down a BIG treat are the best!

Reina wolf a good wolf puppy as always and she swallowed your treat right down, she would do anything cunt her master.

Genesius Wolf / Noah Canu | Kiwi Farms

Plus the treats wolf send to take care of her are always so tasty, even if that last one was cunt vore scrawny. You rub and pet your wolf cunt big vore belly while she red rash on dick and belches - finally puppy cunt ready for a nap!

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When she wakes back up, her belly is flat and squishy again - maybe a little squishier than before?