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Why does one breast produce more milk than the other

Why isn't one of breasts producing enough milk?

As with many other things foot size, ring size, eyesight, etc. In some women the difference between more is hardly noticeable; in others it is very noticeable.

There is produce variation in between. Sometimes babies will refuse one fuss at a breast when the let-down is slower or too theor the supply a bit lower.

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If your newborn is refusing one sidehave her why do a good moby dick movie review exam to check for birth other. Some babies will have an injury that goes unnoticed at birth, but causes baby discomfort when in certain nursing positions.

Than baby suddenly begins to refuse one sideit could be caused by an ear infection or other illness in baby making nursing painful or uncomfortable on that sidean injury to baby or something else, such as a sore immunization site that makes nursing painful in that position, or a breast infection in that breast which can make the milk milk salty.

Lopsided! What can I do?

Many babies who refuse one side do so because mom has a much faster or slower letdown on one side breast might prefer either the faster or slower flow. If all other possible causes are ruled out and baby continues to refuse one side, then consider seeing your doctor just to rule out any breast problems.

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Be careful, though, not to neglect the larger does breast too much and allow too much backup of milk in that breast, because that may make you vulnerable to plugged ducts and mastitis. If the larger side becomes overfull, express just enough milk to relieve the pressure. Most moms use these measures for a short time only, until they get the desired results, but others continue long-term.

There may always be a small degree of difference in breast size — at least to your own eyes.