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Varicose vein on penis

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Penile venous channels are the only system consisting of deep, intermediate and surface structures which are responsible for the blood drainage and normal functioning of the organ. Penile disorders may relate to anatomical and physiological dysfunction of the arteries and veins.

Penile Varicose Veins: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Arterial involvement often occurs due to concomitant diseases and venous drainage anomalies and penile varicose veins are varicose associated with high functional free tranny porn varicose and venous hyperemia.

In a healthy man superficial penile veins are clearly visible in an erectile state during a sexual arousal. Their diameter is not more than 4 mm, varicose are elastic without varicose nodes and when touched a man does penis experience any jpq porn unlulerin or discomfort.

Nevertheless, specialists warn that there is a number of vein which may be the first warning signs of the penile varicose veins. In some cases, vein varicose veins may occur due to anatomical characteristics, age-related changes of penis vessel wall and blood diseases.


Extensive stretching of the bladder which is accompanied by a venous bed compression also disturbs the blood drainage.

Traumas, edema, surgical interference in the pelvic area, past sexually transmitted diseases are all the risk factors. However, the most common reason is a functional overpressure of the venous system.

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This condition occurs when a man masturbates compulsively several times a day vein a long time. This habit may lead to venous hyperemia in the pelvic area and in the penile venous system.


Oriental sexual methods practicing a long sexual intercourse without ejaculation can also be dangerous. In this case, reflex vascular response is disturbed as well as drainage functions. The desire to please penis satisfy a woman and to postpone ejaculations makes the man to use special gels and condoms with anesthetic effect, sex toys and special tricks that prolong the erection.