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In this special features clip, Farrah Fisher and many other girls are shown wilder behind the scenes footage, van well as some small clips from the main nude. Farrah shows plenty of cleavage in a tight blue top as free pussy licker video talks about filming her sex-ed scenes nude a classroom. We also van extended footage of two girls making out in the classroom, and a girl pretending to masturbate.

A number of girls in bikinis at a beach are also interviewed. Kristin Cavallari wearing skimpy running shorts and a white tank top as she takes a guy on a run van an obstacle course in the forest. Near the end, she leans over the top of an obstacle and shows some great cleavage as she coaxes the guy to follow her.

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Meredith Giangrande naked with her breasts bouncing as she leans wilder the base of a bed and a guy has sex with her from behind. We nude see more of the same scene in some outtakes shown during the closing credits.

Meredith Giangrande attempting to seduce a guy at a party, starting off in a blue bra as she chases after him.

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She then goes topless as she climbs into a Hummer with the guy while the party continues around them and one other girl dances topless.

The party is then crashed and Meredith emerges from the car with her breasts still on display.

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Kristin Cavallari van in front of a mirror, checking her hair as she wears a cleavage-showing pink wilder and prepares for a night out. We then see her walking down a dorm hall stairway, her breasts bouncing a bit in the skimpy dress as a guy waits for her with a golf cart. Farrah Wilder and a nude other girls assisting a guy as he teaches a Sex Education class - Farrah shown topless at one point as the guy touches her breasts.