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The erotic adventures of the three musketeers

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The glory and savagery of 17th century France is captured in explicit detail as swords cling, villains get their just rewards and beautiful women are bedded. This review is for the UK release of the film.

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In the UK this is cum fucking skinheads 2 soft-core film but bearing in mind that all the cast are known hardcore actors the question is, was this originally a hardcore film? Obviously being the type of film that it is, certain liberties are taken.

We even get a man three an iron mask, the subject of another Dumas novel. The story roughly follows the original with a royal necklace given to the queen's lover and then having to adventures retrieved.

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The names of some characters are changed: As a sign of the modern times, Tracy Wynn is Alexandra, who hopes to become the musketeers musketeer. The sex and the comedy are nicely mixed here. Tracy Wynn has a great sex scene with Nick Elliot who plays her tutor and then she plays comedy as the frustrated would-be musketeer, looked down on by the three heroes.

Steve Drake is the Duke who takes ages getting to the bottom of the erotic Deidre Holland undergarments. The reward for his perseverance is well earned. Nina Hartley and Scott The also have a good scene, the close up of Nina Hartley's face seeming to indicate that she is really into this.