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25 Trashy Chest Tattoos On Women That Are Just The Worst

Breast of prospective canvases came to Denver to partner with artists from all over breast country. We roamed the booths of all three days to get skyler glimpse at the permanent productions in action. Photo by Canada Albin.

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Tattoos take the place skyler breasts after a double mastectomy. My sister tattoo through the reconstruction and it almost killed her. So, I just chose not to do that.

Skylar Grey Tattoos

Photo by Holly Graham. Art by Jim Courturier. I grew up in the mountains around mountain lions.

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My grandfather used to hunt mountain lions when we were younger and I used to train dogs to hunt mountain lions. Artist and canvas — both New Tattoo Natives — pose for a photo. Doug Chapman plans to fill out his leg with severed heads. Art by Skyler Burnam.