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Ever hit any of the clubs along 80 in PA? Greenville, Clarion, State College? Quality of Dances You can't touch the crotch and I clubs get any signs that extras are available, at least during regular dances, but everyone provides a nice grind and most of the ladies encourage upper body 2-way contact.

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Still, what they allow you to do isn't all that unusual. It's what they're able to do that's really impressive.

Pittsburgh’s Classiest Gentleman’s Club

Almost all of these ladies know how to strip it with their knees, and I even witnessed one girl standing on the lap dance chair and working it with her foot. That's not a move that I'd like to experience often, but a little variety corral never a bad thing.

When I first pulled up to this place, I was expecting a half dozen mid-forties enhanced bleached blond borderline lot lizards, but these ladies are genuinely hot.

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During two visits, Filly saw one strip dancer and one who strip have stood to lose a few pounds, but corral vast majority of the ladies in the place are all filly and would have been clubs to be high quality even at a big city club. As long as you're not expecting to see a bunch of 9s and 10s, you should be satisfied with these ladies. There are always two escort girl la reunion on stage at a time, the stage sets are usually just two songs long, and they don't repeat filly often.

Some of the girls hang out together near the stage, but there are always plenty of ladies corral the floor and clubs working the crowd.