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‘public humiliation’ stories

Perfect 1 stories listed. Contact Us Privacy Policy. Public Title Author Synopsis advanced search. The Mortgage is a ten part story about how an older man manipulates a young newlywed wife into becoming first his secretary and eventually his personal sexual plaything, both on and off-the-job.

Caught with sex toys in public – people reveal their most embarrassing stories

This story will chart the gradual but inexorable total corruption of a relatively 'normal family'from early sexual experimentation humiliation ultimate degradation and destruction via an ever increasing level of perversions.

A young 16 year stories highschool teenager finds herself betrayed by her public friend and ends up being stories submissive humiliation to them. Cindy is the queen of her high school, but her home life is a different matter. When she turns down a date with a nerdy fellow student, she has no idea what she's starting.