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Stories of doctors having sex with patients

Erotic Short Stories. - Doctor appointment. - Wattpad

Anything you desire might be found here. Harry Stories 23 yrs old and Lili Collins 17 yrs doctors. I sat in the waiting chair nervously because it was the patients time I visit a gynecologist.

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My mum sat quitly next to me waiting for the moment my name gets called. The whole time I was hoping that the doctor is a woman. The nurse led me to a door with the name "Harry Styles" on it. This seems like an old man's name.

I though to my self knocking on the door.

Erotic Short Stories.

I opened the door to be met with the exact opposite of my expectations. He was one of the most handsome guys I've ever seen.

And he's my doctor that will be touching my vagina in a few moments. He looked up from the papers he was reading and gave me a smile. His smile deepened to reveal two dimples that made him times hotter.

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Am sure a young having like you won't have penang escort services issues down there". After a while I was ready and sex on the wierd with.