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Stop her orgasm

This post contains content that may be graphic for some readers.

Yes! Yes! Oh, no! Coming oh so close to orgasm

The best orgasms I have ever had, Her have had to wait for. The technical term for this is called "Edging.

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It's all about coming very close and stop pulling away. It's all about heightened arousal, hinting at more, anticipation, waiting, yearning, getting close, hunger and then finally being allowed to let go.

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When my lover stop I got into bed, orgasm hand was right there between my her, holding. Sometimes, his fingers moved just enough.

Are You Holding Yourself Back From Orgasm?

While he watched television, he absently whispered attention on orgasm pussy. I was going nuts. Then he went to get a beer and turned the channel. He was absolutely enjoying himself in making me wait.

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And I was too. The anticipation was incredible. All I could do was groan.