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Star fox krystal nude

Krystal - Star Fox -

Peppy had been having the team scrub out the plasma conduits all morning, and they were filled with a green gunk that stuck to Krystal's fur, having a slimy feel to it. Krystal stepped out of the elevator and headed krystal the hallway to the great fox's shower room.

She sighed "I wished the construction team could hurry up fox finish rebuilding our rooms.

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This usually meant long lines for the shower, but to Krystal's joy the door was unlocked. She must star beaten fox team there first.


She stepped inside and began to slide off her clothes. She started up the hot nude faucet and waited for the tub to fill.

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Fox shook his head, hiding krystal grin, Falco was always joking with him. Back in the showerroom, Krystal was sitting back in the tub, soaking up the water, there was a bottle of shampoo sitting on the edge of the tub, so she poured out some of it into the water and created a bubble bath.

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When she had fully submerged, star door to the shower room opened and Fox walked in, wearing a pair of how to cum boys jeans and a white t-shirt. Just then Krystal surfaced from the water, she froze as she saw Fox's back turned to her, he was standing at the sink, splashing water on his face.

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Fox whipped around to see Krystal, holding her hand up to her nude and trying to hide her naked body under the bubbles. Fox blushed, and stumbled over backwards muttering apologies and trying to make his way to the door.

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Just then, the whole room vibrated violently and Fox was knocked off his feet, the lights of the great fox flickered off for a few moments.