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Shot peen almen strips

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EI can provide strips to any specification, from almen MIL to rigid aerospace specifications. These features add value to a quality shot peening process.

A, N and C Certified Almen Strips

Almen strips are classified into 3 types: They differ in their thickness but have the same width and length. Strips type of strip is usually specified by the part designer. Grade 3 strips are economically priced and bulk packaged. Excess oil is removed from the Grade 2 Standard strips.

Almen Gauges & Test Strips - Shot peening controls

The strip surfaces are then visually inspected for score marks, scratches, nicks, burrs, pits and rust. Strips are certified using a sampling inspection plan for hardness, length, width, thickness, and flatness.

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A dated certification of compliance is issued, signed and archived. Electronics Incorporated performs all the inspection and packaging handjob in car listed peen Grade 2 shot.