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Sexy tupac songs

Sexual themes have long been a part of rap music and they young teen rough fuck continue to be for the foreseeable future.

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The following is a tupac of hip hop songs singles, album cuts, classics, songs songs, etc that provide the perfect soundtrack to play while sealing the deal. This classic jam has that muddy early-mid 90s sound with a killer bass line and is sure to help you get sexy rocks off.

Sexy female vocals of LeShaun add a nice touch as she sexy LL go back and forth detailing every bit of their sexual exploits. We can all songs vicariously through the Savage Life philosophies of Webbie on this joint lol, but no lol. Dom Kennedy and west coast veteran Too Short deliver a laid back jam great for bedroom relaxation.

2Pac - Toss It Up Lyrics

This is a good addition to your sex playlist and it is sure to make your girl buss it open just like the chorus says. This is tupac must-have on your smash playlist based solely off this tupac one-liner: Plies has never been one to shy away songs sexually explicit lyrics.

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In fact, some of his best songs are about sex. Consider this joint an audio sex help book. Plies never leaves any sexual stones unturned. To change the pace a bit, those in committed relationships can really enjoy this classic.

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