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Given the role of media in spreading cultural knowledge and values, the prevalence of sexual content raises questions. Concerns intensify when the discussion turns to young people becoming increasingly sexualized.

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This PhD investigates preteens year sexand how sex cultural discourses of sexualization antwerpen childhood asexuality provide them with resources for and limitations to identity work. In addition, the popular type of humor found in these TV-shows tended to reaffirm sexist gender stereotypes bert henry nude albums associating masculinity with sexually aggressive behavior towards women, and femininity with setting limits and pushing back.

Antwerpen terms of the reception of this content by preteens, this type of humor antwerpen to be representative of boy-girl relationships in primary school playground culture. This mirrored the dynamic of a battle of the sexes and offered an explanation for the relevance of sitcoms in the everyday lives of preteens.

An ethnography of fifteen preteens revealed how sexually objectifying humor functioned as a tool for sex who wanted to project a macho-masculine identity, and how girls were objectified through this behavior.

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Wanting to identify as mature sex tough, some boys felt like they needed to hide their distaste for sexual content among peers to avoid ridicule. Girls, however, were likely to be caught between a genuine interest in sexual content and a fear of slut-shaming, resulting antwerpen them hiding sexual knowledge and interest.

Moral panics in society tend to focus on girls becoming self-sexualizing at increasingly young ages.

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Sexualization, objectification and media in preteens' identity work Datum: Hilde Van den Bulck, prof.