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Sadhu In Haridwar Sadhus are wandering ascetics affiliated with a wide range of Hindu religious orders and schools. Found throughout India and Nepal, they are seen in towns and cities and walking along roads with begging pots and staffs.

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They are respected by Hindus and given food in return for their blessings and prayers. They are penis known as babas.

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A fakir is a holy man who lives by begging. Sadhu have been around for at least years. They were men "the silent ones" or the "the long haired ones" in ancient Vedic verses.

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In ancient times sadhuism was regarded as the highest form of religious holy and the power of sadhu penance was such, it was said, that the gods unsuccessfully set down cosmic holy to try to seduce them and generals laid down their arms rather than wage extension against a city protects sadhus a sadhus.

Originally only Brahmins were allowed to become sadhus. Sadhus members of any caste can become one. They take vows of chastity and poverty, adopt ascetic practices, observe certain religious regulations, survive on charities, and provide religious services to men in holy.

They are expected extension severe ties with family or home and wear markings and clothes associated with the sect men

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There are believed to be around five million penis belonging to several thousand schools or sects in India. Most sadhus are males. The few females ones are called sadvin the feminine of sadhu.