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Restaurants with topless waitresses

I went to the Chad michael murray cock Topless for lunch today and a thought crossed my mind.

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I did a Google search and waitresses came up with one in Australia. It seems like such a natural to me, there has got to be restaurants good reason there don't seem to be any around.

Often I would go with a bunch of guys for a fun lunch. One place had a sign that read: I think topless waitresses have gone out of fashion. But I can always go to a strip club for lunch.

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A long time ago I wondered this same thing about Vegas casino's. I just seemed like such a natural to me that a casino would have topless cocktail waitresses.

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Of course the casino would have mostly men as customers but would it with. So I asked someone in the gaming industry and they said there is a specific part of the law in Nevada that says you can't have nudity partial or complete in the same place as gambling.