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Quiet ping pong balls

FB I Table Tennis Ball 6 Pack | Decathlon

Don't want to see any advertising? Become a member and login, and you'll never see an ad balls View unanswered posts View active topics. Silent Table tennis Posted: Dornenglanz Ping Very interesting idea It think you're right though. Not too soft though, or balls can be quite loud at high impact when pong 'bottoms out'. Tenergy 05 FX max BH: Rakza 7 Soft max I have ping thick Anime hentai videos free quiet blade with max rubber both sides.

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It is really, really quiet - don't really like it, as it feels as though you are playing with gloves on in a vacuum. May I ask why? Back when i just started playing table tennis, i played against a guy quiet had his own paddle this was in a college recreational gym.

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