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Over 20 bikini models

Karri Nicholas is one of those girls you see on Instagram who spend their days snapping selfies in swimwear.

20 Questions for Instagram-Famous Bikini Model Karri Nicholas

Obviously, she has an equally good-looking boyfriend, who is a photographer gay pokemon porn richie and takes most of her photos. How long ago did you start your Instagram account?

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Bikini believe it models the end of ! I hardly used it, though, so probably the start of How did you first grow your following?

20+ Hottest bikini Models on Instagram!

At first, I had a Tumblr account that was quite well known, so a lot of my first followers were from there. After a year or so, I started modeling, so I was beginning to be recognized. Since then I have been looking at Instagram as a business tool, rather than for leisure.

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I like to keep my over quality over quantity and try to engage my followers.