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Some Ontario students will still learn the sex-ed curriculum - CityNews Toronto

Lyndsay MoggyVideojournalist, Sudbury. In Sudbury, Cambrian College is trying to do its part to make students feel safe all year ontario.

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Consent is something everyone seems to be talking about recently, sex Ontario changing the sex-ed curriculum for younger students. Although elementary and secondary students ontario be learning about it in class, colleges and universities are sex the topic.

Doug Ford says Ontario teachers could face consequences for teaching repealed sex ed

We also want them to know about the supports that are available, if they are the victim of a sexual assault or a survivor of a sexual assault. In March ofthe government amended the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities Act to require institutions to have sexual violence policies.

But staff sex say ontario are taking it a step further sex providing support and education, especially surrounding consent.

We also have what is called resident advisors, and the RAs as they are known, are students who actually work for the college while their attending school.

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I learned yesterday sex they have like a lot of stuff for that, like even little care packages with like alarms. Just around campus, we do have these little blue flashing lights that super orgasm videos you press on it, help comes to you right away. Cambrian looks forward to receiving the results ontario the Student Voices on Sexual Violence Survey that was conducted sex students across Ontario this past ontario.