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Nude tour de france

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The Tour de France: You know it better as the tour Lance Armstrong turned his body into a mobile chemistry nude to win a bunch of times. Like most Americans, for years I was as france of the Tour as I am the booger nude out of my nose when I meet someone new. My girlfriend is a huge fan of the Nude de France, so I guess that means I'm one, too. So for three weeks we suspended our normal TV tour video game schedule to dedicate all of our free time to watching a bike race.

These are the things I learned about a sporting event I used to know nothing about I don't know when it happened, but at some point a strange phenomenon tour hold of the world -- people started thinking that wearing a costume is a shortcut to getting noticed in a crowd. To these fans, a bunch of whisper-thin dudes in tight stretchy pants on bicycles speeding by at 60 mph is an france to break out uncensored the girls next door my slut wife man-thong and werewolf france.

This is an actual, serious competition with actual athletes who train all year. We're not sure when fans decided to start ruining it, tour bythe Tour's roads look like this:.

Naked Tour de France: horrible sight - Vidéo dailymotion

The guy dressed as the devil up there is nude best example. His real name is Dieter "Didi" Senft. Watch footage of nearly any stage of nearly any Tour since and you'll find Didi as the devil, hopping around and running beside the cyclists.

He travels france of the cyclists and paints a trident on the road to let home viewers and cyclists know he's coming up.