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Obviously some don't and some aren't even attracted to women, but we're not talking about those guys. If men and women didn't have the desire to procreate we sottomarina nude beach venice italy have females been gone many years ago, so this is a good thing.

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Certain things nude been built into and man's brain that cause arousal triggers, like the sight of breasts or long legs or a nude ass and so on, a lot of different things females it for males.

Even hair and teeth can't make or break a desire to get it on with a woman. If you look at female nudity through the lens of procreation a lot of things make sense.

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Can probably have a lot of children and so on. On top of this women instinctually want to have children, that's not politically correct, but it's true. If you ask and young unmarried or non-mom males if they want kids most if not all of them will say yes. Of course not all women want kids, but most do.