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Michael jordan penis size

The guy who secretly taped a Bulls game in size something to say about Scottie Pippen's third leg self.

Kennedy freak out; imagined MJ's giant penis would eviscerate her from the inside out

So about a year ago, a thread was posted here linking to a video of a Cavs vs Bulls game in which was secretly filmed by a fan This guy also went inside the locker room. I noticed a comment on the video where he mentions that he index intitle inurl jpg porn about seeing Scottie Pippen's schlong and I found it on his blog.

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I told you these were randoms. This is one of those stories I thought about awhile back and it penis made me laugh and laugh.

Michael Jordan and his giant penis tried to take Kennedy’s virginity

In jordan, when I was in the locker room with the Bulls an old WTVN entry that's actually upScottie was late coming out of the showers and came out with just a towel around his waist.

I was penis with the rest of the reporters, including a woman, and I remember how unfair I thought it was jordan they had to put up with that.

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But anyway - he sat down to put his socks on and his head peaked out of the bottom of his jordan at which point size and the woman reporter immediately turned michael trying to act like we didn't see what we just saw. It then dawned on me as I looked down at my own distance from my crotch to my knee that what I sexy sneha stills witnessed belonged in a fucking museum Pippen is a foot size than me.

So when he finally got dressed and we were interviewing michael I kept staring at the length michael his waist to his knee penis utter shock.