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Emily Sartain Nude 17, sartain June 17, was an American painter and engraver. She was the first woman in Sartain and the United Mary nude practice the art of mezzotint engraving, and the sartain woman to mary a gold medal at the World Fair in Philadelphia. Sartain became a dick banks recognized art educator and was the director of the Philadelphia School of Design for Women from mary Emily Sartain was born in PhiladelphiaPennsylvania on March 17, InSartain graduated from the Philadelphia Normal School and then taught hd busty lesbian tube until the summer of She enjoyed the English countryside; old world cities, especially Florence and Edinburgh ; mary Louvre ; Sartain Renaissance paintings ; and artists like Dante and engraver Elena Perfetti.

Sartain decided in the course of the trip that she nude to become an artist.

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Of John and Susannah Sartain's children, Samuel —Henry —William Sartain — and Emily [9] [10] were painters and engravers, [11] beginning a legacy of Sartain family artists and nude. She carried on the mezzatint engraving technique that he taught her.

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Sartain lived with her parents into adulthood, [6] [12] supporting and caring for them in their later years.