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Malignant breast cancer rashes pictures

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Breast cancer does not always produce symptoms; women may have cancers that are so small they do not produce masses that can be felt or other recognizable changes in the breast. When symptoms do occur, a lump or mass in the breast is the most common symptom. Breast cancer is a malignant tumor a collection of cancer cells arising from the cells of the breast. Although breast cancer predominantly occurs in women, it can also affect men.

Breast Cancer Pictures: Symptoms, Lumps, Tests, and Treatments

This article deals with breast cancer in women. Breast cancer and its complications can affect nearly every part of the body. Breast cancer is rare pictures men approximately 2, new cases diagnosed per year in the U.

This is partially related to the often late diagnosis malignant male breast cancerwhen the cancer has already spread.

Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC)

Symptoms are similar to the symptoms in women, with the most common symptom being a cancer or change in rashes of the breast tissue or nipple discharge. Although it can occur at any age, male breast cancer usually occurs in men over 60 years of age. There are many types breast breast cancer.