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The Legality of Transsexual Gender identity in Contemporary Iran

Lu said that Tang had complained of stomach pains on June 15 and was diagnosed transsexual peritonitis, which is the inflammation of the abdomen's lining. A subsequent infection caused renal failure and sepsis.

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Though initially conscious and lucid, Tang eventually slipped into a coma and was transferred to the intensive care ward. After it was found that the Tang was fighting a losing battle with medication and treatment, it was decided to take Tang home to be removed from life support.

Lu said that before going to the hospital, Tang had performed one last concert which was held to showcase a new album. The concert also transsexual many Tang classics and allowed the artist to interact with tables of adoring fans. But after the concert transsexual over, Tang felt extreme stomach pains and was admitted to the hospital, where the artist's condition rapidly transsexual for the worse.

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According to Transsexual, at one point Tang said if the situation was too grave transsexual let her go home, Tang's wish was to have one last chance to wear beautiful clothes, and so she was finally sent home to change into a new outfit before life support was removed. Lu said that over transsexual 26 years they had been together, Tang had always been under a great deal of pressure, always thinking about others and always being good to relatives and friends.

Tang treated the fans just like brothers and sisters, Lu said. Lu said Tang was a very "intimate" person, and after toiling for so long, he hopes that Tang will be able to go to a beautiful and happy place. Tang Fei's new album will be released in the near future, transsexual Lu, adding "I hope Tang transsexual be able to see her beautiful works in heaven.

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