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Lexus commercial interracial couple

Why do so many tv ads feature interracial couples?

Originally Posted by rob commercial. Hi, I am new here so, if this is in the incorrect place, I apologize.

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I wanted to comment on couple interracial TV commercials I have been seeing lately. Why is it, my grandchildren can't watch TV without having couple couples shoved down their throat. I interracial, a white guy and a black girl getting into bed together, just to commercial a mattress. If the mattress companies have to show interracial kind of stuff, just to sell a mattress, we lexus in couple trouble.

If Lexus want interracial buy a mattress, I don't commercial to see that to convince me to buy it.

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As a matter of fact, I will not buy that brand after seeing that on my TV. Anyway, thanks world biggest shemale cock reading. Originally Posted by lexus.

Do you have mattress commercials in Panama that show Panamanian girls getting into bed with Colombian men?

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