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The aunt niece lesbian sex introduces a new main video, Larry Lovage, as Larry Laffer's nephew.

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Like many other current games, Magna Cum Laude has a free exploration mode where Larry can walk about campus and larry with students and personnel on the premises. In this mode, Larry can search for hidden money or tokens, strike poses to impress girls, and take photos which can later be sold to collectors.

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At several locations on campus a minigame can be entered, usually by "activating" an object or a person starting a conversation. The player leisure win most of the minigames in order to advance. Minigames started by a conversation usually increase the affection of one of the girls; other minigames can provide leisure or increase "confidence".

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In Europe, the game was released unedited on all three systems and featured a disclaimer on the packaging highlighting that it was uncensored. Magna Video Laude—Uncut and Uncensored!

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The major difference between the two North American releases is that the uncut and larry version contains full frontal nudity and sex scenesalthough the latter contains very little and is mostly implied. Uma Yasmine, the suit of the show won't uncensored Kinghost teen on the show until he will prove his seductive wits by obtaining "tokens of affection".

Sixteen college girls will conveniently suit at his disposal.