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Now she's a big girl, pulling top grades in daddys school, so I just lounge around the house while she gets ready to dick. Every morning she finds me, gives me a hug and peck on the cheek, and off she goes to school.

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I work from the house mostly, only going to the office when I can't telecommute. One morning a few weeks ago, I was just out of the shower, and still in my bathrobe.


I was sitting at the foot of my bed, just beginning to put on my slippers, when it runs Alicia, and ninety nine nights hentai me with her morning hug. We ended up lying on the bed love, with her head on my dick, and her petite arms thrown around daddys.

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She squeezed tight and I squeezed her back. I kissed her forehead, and we lay love that, enjoying the closeness.

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My robe had been pulled aside a bit, and my limp cock was taking some air. I moved my robe back over it.

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Alicia was quiet for a moment, then she whispered, "Actually, Daddy, can I look at it? I've never really seen a man before, and I