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How to make a girl orgasm with your fingers

What's the problem with those "try these 10 moves tonight, guaranteed to get her off every time" lists?

I'll tell you how to make a girl orgasm by fingering - Forums

For starters, their success rate is nil. Since every vagina is shaped slightly differently, the moves that get women off vary from lady to lady.

hand job with cum

Meaning, every woman needs something a little bit different in order to reach the big O. Also, that "something" might not expressly involve your dick — since only How To Make Her Orgasm.

How to finger someone properly, according to a professional sexpert

The good folks at OMGYes know all about this struggle. They created a platform to help spread the word about what women prefer in bed — with scientific data visualizations of how many women like what and why, video demonstrations by real women who love each technique, and virtual simulations that teach you how to execute each move.

How does OMGYes know all this stuff? They've done their homework. Recently, they conducted a study of 2, women with the goal of figuring out the fingering techniques and methods of fingering that feel monster cock bukkake for different women, and why. Of course, there's no "one fingering trick finishes all" technique.