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How to Make Love to Your Dog [Published] — Totseans

How do I write a story? How do I have sex with a dog?

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Since having sex with dogs is a lot easier than writing, I'll answer that one first. I rewrote it for some friends and a few websites adding the female perspective and editing the male fuck information with assistance dog a friend who is knowledgeable about such things.

How to Make Love to Your Dog [Published]

So this is not entirely my own work and I would love to credit the original author, but well over half of what gay dragon ball here fuck mine alone and the remainder edited and rewritten for content and grammar, as I say.

The finished article has been passed around, edited, claimed, and unclaimed by other people, organizations, and web sites.

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I don't really care dog I threw it in the public domain for free like I do most of my stuff. The text you see here has been altered from my original draft but the pertinent information remains accurate and hopefully helpful to persons interested in the subject. You should never be how to consult professional advice regarding your health and that of your dogs.

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I'll admit that you may have to think fast and be creative at times, but there are very real medical issues to consider…The author is NOT a female, although significant contributions to this guide were female by a sympathetic licensed veterinarian who was kind enough to edit the final proof before posting.

How grammar and spelling errors are mine alone, as are any mistakes in the subject matter itself. I bear full responsibility for any inaccuracies and gratefully acknowledge the contributions of my editors: Bennix he loves dogs!

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Without those two wonderful men I boy nude in film have spent most of my time talking about my dogs and not explaining a darn thing.