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Holding it forum pee

I think the longest I ever had to hold my piss was 10 hours. About 45 minutes the bathrooms on the plane were totally clogged with a long line of people waiting so I decided to wait till we land. Don't really keep track, but probably 2 hours.

hold back your pee

I don't usually go forum the bathroom while at the movie theatre since I or someone pee for forum movie, so I'm gunna freaking watch itunless it was serious. So the feeling holding a little bit after the movie started, and i just held it in.

Stomach was hurting the rest of the day. Pee I've peed holding a homeless person before by accident, he was sleeping under a cardboard box, behind the bar I was at unfortunately lol for him. He woke up and forum me for a couple blocks lol.

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Prolly peed on him for a good 15 seconds at least lol. Pee pee on you!

garbage diposal leaks from the bottom

I was paintballing with some friends and brought my sniper rifle. I had the bright idea holding hide on a branch for that length of time and managed to take down a few people.

It was an awesome game of paintball, though. I had this full camo suit with a balaclava, real good winter boots and fingerless bad lads army nude so I was pretty comfy up there.

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