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Girls sexy stomach pouch

Let’s talk about the belly pooch

It has to be somewhere around the point that advertising and media decided a female body was more attractive if it sexy more boyish — or, rather, boyish with boobs. I think there was something strangely empowering about that comment, for those women, if they decided to grasp it. But healthy women do not look boyish.

But they are few.

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Healthy women are rounded. Rounded in a variety of ways homeless women sex are unique and lovely.

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The belly pooch is a small pad pouch fat that sits below the belly button and above the pelvic bowl. It also signifies to potential mates that her body is feminine. Really interesting article on that here.

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Now, when peri-menopause and menopause roll around, things change a bit. The volume of girls uterus and ovaries reduces over time.

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And this stomach mean the uterus gets a little slouchy.