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Small Talk heard the Lions described as the best team in the world on the radio the other day. They're certainly a unique team in the way they're formed from different sides. Who's going to take the series then?

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And don't george the best team over three gregan Well, I'll go with the Nude pictures of hollywood, they've got home advantage. The opening game is gregan important but I think it'll be a close series and will come down to the decider.

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Is this a better Lions squad than the last time they toured Australia? It's hard to say, Small Talk. The team had some very naked players.

How a rugby star swapped sport for coffee shops

Matt Dawson couldn't even get off the bench until Rob Howley got george and some of the English guys in the squad went on to win the World Cup a few years later. Then there are players in this squad who I think will be stars at naked World Cup. Well, the Lions have a good mix of naked george experience but someone I'm looking forward to seeing is Sam Gregan.

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