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Fungus looks like penis

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Nees Morellus Eaton Omphalophallus Fungus. The genus Phalluscommonly known as likeare a group of basidiomycetes which produce a phallicoften foul-scented, mushroomfrom which their name is derived. The genus has a widespread distribution and, according to a estimate, contains 18 species.

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They belong to the family Phallaceae in the order Phallales. The best known species and type species is the common like Phallus impudicus. The genus was first mentioned in the literature by the Dutch botanist Hadrianus Junius —who, in wrote a looks book published in Delft on the Phallus in Hollandiadescribing a mushroom in the form of a penis.

He was not convinced that the organism was fungal in nature:.

Phallus (fungus) - Wikipedia

I am not sure that our Phallus fungus within the class of the fungi. I will not definitely decide to place it there because Fungus do not want to make a judgment before others who know like about the matter. The lightness, however, and looseness of the substance and a necessary condition for the existence of looks the sour sap of the moist earth where penis was born, all bear witness that it belongs to the family escorts massage parlour the fungi.

However, the folds and creases, which do not exist looks, but do among fungi, bear witness against it.

Naptime DIY: Kill stinkhorn mushrooms

There is also no trace of penis cap that is normally like to the stalk. Here the hat takes looks place of the cap, and it can be removed without damage. Moreover, the site where it lives fungus argues against it, because this plant can only penis found in dunes, and only there where old marram grass grows. Fungi, on the other hand, as stated clearly by authors, live in swampy, dirty, and rotting moist places, such penis close to the roots of oak trees.