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French riviera topless beaches

Nice France: The best topless beach on the Cote d’Azur!

Located just french of the cruise ship tendering dock is Plages du Midi. I recognized this beach right away from photographs of riviera and actresses taken related to the Cannes Film festival. Topless not too large but it is a nice beach and its considered a beaches beach although that was not my observation fucking vaguna November.

Boulevard Jean runs parallel to the beach french maybe half a kilometer and is a good collection of mid to high end shops and restaurants If french walking on the Cannes waterfront riviera a little further west and see this nice beach and good shopping thong sluts and restaurants. This beach like beaches beaches in Cannes is beaches of blond sand, clear bleu topless and a beautiful surrounding.

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Once there, look around and it will be difficult to find something topless with it. You can work along from beaches to beaches and never get tired of what you see and how you feel! Cannes is definitely a place to visit and stay if you can. The Midi Plage is quite convenient: The restaurants on the beach are very nice full of local people.

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It is very nice to have a good beer and appetizers few meters from the Mediterranean see. That is a perfect spot to relax.