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Foreign adult websites

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Websites pandoraOctober 1, in IT and Computers. I recently returned to Pattaya after a few months abroad. Was surprised to notice that foreign adult websites are no longer blocked in Pattaya and probably in the whole of Thailand.

Senegal - Invasion of the Foreign Sex Sites -

They certainly were blocked as late as May this year. Is this another bone thrown to the male masses to keep them happy with the current political situation here? Hmmm, you joined the forum 4 hours ago and so far you have posted the adult crap in 2 different section of the forum.

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Not a troll at all. I first started a topic in the General section but then realized websites this would be more appropriate in Internet and Computers. Right now redtube is still accessible but just before I posted my message yesterday foreign and pornhub were not blocked.

Legal status of Internet pornography

All 3 websites were accessible in Pattaya since late Aug when I arrived. It could be just a adult corpus christi nude beach shame on me if my post resulted in 2 foreign them getting blocked last night.

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Let's see if redtube will get blocked today after this post: BTW a poster on the other thread agreed with me.