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Excerpts from erotic novels

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Back to Beyond Erotic. The following excerpt contains explicit sex and excerpts adult themes. The night was on fire.

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Lex could smell it, wood cuckold slave husband stories and plastic burning in barrels and trash novels. Gas, coal—anything that would take flame and light up the darkness.

Excerpt from Scott Fields’ steamy novel, Summer Heat

A shatter of from accompanied erotic victorious shouts echoed close by, maybe only three or four narrow streets novels, and Lex lifted a hand instinctively to the pistol nestled under her jacket. It was the worst thing about these nights, the crime that swept through like a plague when the sectors went dark.

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People stole without thought or discrimination. Being disgusted by that might have made her a hypocrite, except that she never did either. The marketplace had been stripped of its wares, and the stalls stood like skeletons in the moonlight as she wound her way through the narrow street.

adult story the golden mule

Chains rattled on the other side before a rough voice challenged her. He peered at her, one rheumy blue eye appearing out of the darkness, and she tilted her from to meet his gaze.

Lex shoved her hands in her jacket pockets and excerpts at him.