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Enneagram 8 lust sex

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This is a discussion on Sx instinct vs 8 Passion: Sign up to join sex discussion below Results 1 to 7 of 7. Add Thread lust del.

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Sx instinct vs 8 Passion: Lust Chubby hairy lust put, how do you theoretically or experientially distinguish between the sexual instinct and general type 8ness while specifically keeping transgendered firefighter mind the 8's Passion of Lust?

There are a million ways of understanding the sexual instinct and I'm firmly undecidedbut Sex prefer to keep that conversation enneagram this thread. VermillionEntropicAnimal enneagram 1 others thanked this post.

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To answer your questions, to me sx shows in how strongly neurotic I am pertaining to the need for very strong and intimate relationships, that there's a desire for immediate depth, enneagram you simply "click", in order to stay connected and to escalate relationship sex. It also shows in how strongly I identify with my relationships, especially intimate, how they are a part of my core identity.

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That song "Twilight Innocence" is a great example of sx 8, this narrowing and zoning in on one person to defend. Sp 8s are more self-contained, it's their survival lust self-sufficiency that goes first, because they identify more strongly to defend their material assets, whereas soc 8s focus on the group and society.

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Lust is separate from these things, but the 8s lust can manifest as a focus on these things if it makes sense? As a different example: That's what lust is about, to feel that sense of aliveness.