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Electrical vaginal stimulation

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Many women does not know to contract the PFM voluntarily favoring the development of disorders such as urinary and fecal incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse teen anal on cam sexual disorders. However there are no studies in the literature that address the application of therapeutic resources available to improve the PFM awareness.

Non-invasive electrical stimulation for stress urinary incontinence in women

Stimulation objective of electrical study is to evaluate the effectiveness of transvaginal electrical stimulation, vaginal palpation, vaginal palpation associated with posterior pelvic tilt and contraction of accessory nightclub upskirt pics vaginal the acquisition of ability to contract the PFM, as well as to evaluate the sexual function of women stimulation. One hundred twenty women with PFM function graded 0 and 1 vaginal by Stimulation Modified Scale will be submitted at random to physical therapy with transvaginal electrical stimulation, vaginal palpation, vaginal electrical associated with posterior pelvic tilt and vaginal of accessory muscles glutes and hip adductors and the control group who receive verbal instructions related to the pelvic floor and its electrical.

Electrical patients will be assessed by vaginal palpation, perineometry and surface electromyography before and after the intervention. Single Investigator Primary Purpose: March Estimated Primary Completion Vaginal June Estimated Study Completion Date: Transvaginal electrical stimulation Stimulation treated with transvaginal electrical stimulation. Transvaginal electrical stimulation The current employed is biphasic and the stimulation parameters are: The current intensity is defined according to the tolerance of patient and the total stimulation time is 20 minutes.