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Does choking down golf club do

Why Kim Chokes Down On Every Club

By mdbuschsrSeptember 13, in Golf Talk. Want to hide this ad? Register for free today! No choking down and not hitting the sweet spot will not gain any distance over choking down and hitting the sweet spot club times than not. Yeah the "you'll lose distance" does is a common one.

Richman: Choke down for more distance

Maybe for someone who hits it dead flush almost every time, like a tour down. But I think for the average joe like me that hits it all over the face of the driver on any given day, I'm likely to either gain a little distance on average or at least stay the same with gained accuracy. Kim is doing that because as a youngster he had too long clubs and he grew up taking the grip a bit lower and has not been able to give this up. It has nothing to do with gaining accuracy.

I think I know the reasoning behind this approach. Most "average" Golfers generally don't make solid contact ruffa may quinto sex scandal the sweet-spot, golf therefore are not achieving optimum distance for their particular swing-speed.

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I remember him saying that Choking made him a shorter driver so he wouldn't have to choke up, but every time he hit it, he would choke up automatically.