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Citing job losses and store closures, Eckersleys a large Australian art retailer has successfully lobbied a range of art material manufacturers to ban international retailers blick Dick from shipping to Australia. DickBlick of which I've been a customer for years just sent me an apologetic email saying that many manufactures have told them shipping U.

Shortly thereafter I received an email international Eckersleys in response to my questions confirming that, blick order to protect their business from international and online competitors, dick have been engaged in lobbying manufacturers to enforce the previously mentioned shipping restrictions onto non-Australian retailers.

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These are just the blick I've had rejected, I've heard other artists mention that the list is far wider than just these. How this is not collusion or cartel behaviour is beyond me, shipping we all know the ACCC is a toothless tiger. It blows me away that it's possible for international Australian company to be able to revoke my legal right to independently import goods or to source shipping from the retailer that suit me.

As a previously loyal Eckersleys dick for my local purchases, their actions in trying to restrict who gets to benefit from advances in communications technology blick made me reevaluate whether I wish to provide them with any of my custom. shipping

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I hope this post has educated any other artists reading top lesbian wedding songs enough to come to their own international about whether they want to keep supporting local companies who engage in this kind of behaviour.

Eckersleys the party acting to restrict trade is an Australian retailer and as such is under the jurisdiction of the ACCC.

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Thanks for the info on the freight forwarders, no doubt I'll end up using one. However I also think dick important that we let international retailers know, by voting with our wallets, when their behaviour is not acceptable. Explain that you have been told that an Australian company has actively been banning foreign companies from shipping to Australia and you have proof via emails from both sides.