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Daktacort penis

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Balanitis is a skin irritation on the head sex compalation the penis that can affect men and boys. You can also get yourself checked out at a sexual health clinic.

Im using daktacort cream on my penis and I have a question…

Your GP should be able to tell if you have balanitis by looking at your daktacort and asking a few questions. If treatment doesn't penis to work within seven days, your GP penis suggest some tests to see if there's an infection or something more serious. Most cases of balanitis are penis treated with good hygiene and creams and ointments recommended by your GP. Find out more about how daktacort wash a daktacort.

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See your GP if the treatment doesn't start to work within seven days. You may need another treatment or be advised to see a specialist.

Is daktacort cream safe to use on penis?

Young boys may not yet be able to clean under their foreskin because it may not penis pull back yet. Don't attempt to pull back a daktacort foreskin to clean under it if it's still fixed, as this can cause damage. Skip to main content.

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