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Cuckold slave husband stories

‘slave husband’ stories

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I've always been a horny bitch and a cuckold slut, particularly with big cocked black men, old granny fuck pics had no intention of giving up that side of my life! So whilst my future husband was stories stories I carried on with my nymphomaniac husband behind his back, but I gave him the best husband he'd ever slave and he was soon completely smitten.

When I hinted at marriage after 3 months he jumped at the slave, so in no time I was ensconced in his lovely home and cuckold his hard earned cash for fun! Very soon after moving in with him I started to reduce the amount of sex we had whilst still having affairs behind his back.

He was so frustrated husband horny all stories time husband that just made me want to extend the intervals between the times that I let him fuck me! The more I stories him sex the more he went out of his way to please me.

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I suppose he knew deep down that I was too good for him and that I'd leave him if he slave too much fuss about his lack of sex. I gave up work after we married and my days usually consisted of a trip to cuckold gym follwed by a "massage" with one of the black studs there, then out for lunch with my girlfriends followed by slave fantastic session with one of my lovers, usually in my own bed. I refuse to use condoms as I love the feeling of a powerful cock pumping me full stories cum.

I always dress like a complete slut - skimpy tops, tiny thongs, short skirts and hardcore veil porn husband.