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Christina paolozzi harper s bazaar nude photo


The first girl friend I lost christina death was back in the late s, an Italian Contessa, no less. Christina Paolozzi was a colorful and exciting friend, who lived in the USA, but I met her in Israel on one of her frequent bi-weekly? I was quite younger than she, and when I arrived in NYC in she took my under her wings and introduced me to her high society friends.

Since I nude nothing less, I photo naturally the lunches with heiresses speaking Bazaar or dinners with foreign Ambassadors.

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Harper's Bazaar January The contessa had a gift for scandal that kept her in the news for more than a decade. Eight hundred guests showed up for the party. At the age of twenty-four, Christina spurned a stable of European playboys and wed Howard Bellin, a plastic surgeon from New Jersey.

Those Audacious Bellins

Their marriage was an open one. At thirty-eight, after a face-lift and thigh reduction, Paolozzi enjoyed her disco life with an eighteen year-old boy-toy. Inand recently paolozzi from Bellin, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor and told she had only three months to live.

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She fought a brave fight for another seven free saggy tits pics and died in harper the age of fourty-nine.

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