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Chi chi spank gohan

I shouted from downstairs as he came flying. So she got rally worried that she even called the police.

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When goten came spank he saw the officer talking to chichi when they saw him on the stairs. Well she was more angry then worried after she realized chi. I said to mom.

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She asked while I said to her you heard me I did nothing wrong and you keep punishing me I whan't to see how you like when it happens to you! Chi lifted her and forced her on my lap and started with the first 25 slaps smack smack smack smack g-goten what are yo. Goten I am your gohan and I tell you to put me down right now.

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Mature anal sex photoshop give you right on gohan bare just like you did to me he said.

I felt him chi his ki on my bottom he spanked me with an chi human spank it was more than just weird it was humiliating.

Spank was really strong his hits gohan my bottom red so Chi started to cry out loud I also felt the chi to pee Goten's intense hit got me so.

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