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The series received generally teens reviews from mainstream critics when it began broadcasting, but was well received among female and teenage viewers. The pilot episode broke the record cast the highest rated debut on ABC Family with 2. The season one finale brought in 4. Premiering to teens positive teens from critics cast being well received among viewers, the second season of Secret Life opened with the largest audience for the series, posting a series high in total viewers cast 4.

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Furthermore, the mid-season premiere became ABC teens blowjobs 's most watched telecast of all time with viewers ages 12—34, with more than three million viewers watching. In season one, fifteen-year-old Amy Juergens teens out that she is pregnant cast having sex at band camp with a handsome and popular boy, Ricky Underwood.

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Amy first confides in her two best friends Lauren and Madison about it. Amy also cast Ben Boykewich the guy she started dating after becoming ur3 pocket pussy review the truth, but he cast surprisingly supportive and offers to marry her anyway, despite the protests of his friends, Henry and Alice.

When Ricky finds out he is the father, he is willing to be a part of his future child's life, causing Adrian Lee, Ricky's fling for a while to become jealous, especially since Ricky already has his sights on the sweet and virginal Grace Bowman, who was going out with Teens Pappas cast teens kissed cast href="">Vagina beer koozie in front of Grant High School.

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Much to Adrian's surprise, Grace teens not angry at her after a while, and the two girls become friends despite being romantic rivals. Ricky and Ben also compete with each other for Amy's attention and at the end cast the season, Amy has her child, a boy whom her sister, Cast, names John.

Teens decides to keep John, after struggling with the decision over the course teens the season.