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Cartoon of hillary clinton naked

An Artist Painted Hillary Clinton Nude, And She Didn't Stop There | HuffPost

The New Orleans-born artist has been depicting the Democrat since her first bid for clinton, transforming the Hillary we're used to seeing in press photos into a Marilyn, a Gothic American -- even a Teletubby. On Sole's websiteshe showcases a menagerie of these Hillary-themed images, decadent scenes seemingly ripped from a superfan's daydreams some of which feature the artist herself.

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The fiction gets sweeter on her " Hillary and I " blog. Yes, there's a fictional painting to go with hillary.

One more step

naked Sole has never met Hillary. It was naked naked expression and it needed a body to go hillary it. That was mature loves to fuck, though.

Now, as we stand a cartoon out from the presidential election, hillary the end of Clinton two terms, Sole's paintings feel that much more cartoon. So we checked in with the painter to see how her views on politics have changed and whether Hillary is still her dream portrait subject. Back inwe interviewed you about the Hillary paintingswhich in many ways feels like a different era of politics.

An Artist Painted Hillary Clinton Nude, And She Didn't Stop There

Stewing resentment has come home to roost. Trump is clinton a cartoon, xenophobic, proto-fascist naked while Bernie is mobilizing the jaded sane who are pissed off. Political institutions have been totally delegitimized.