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THE photographer who took the picture of French first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy posing naked nude be pictures next month bruni thousands more images of the ex-model, including some much more explicit, he told the Swiss media today. Several Sex in wpb newspapers published the black-and-white full-frontal nude shot of Bruni-Sarkozy today as she and President Nicolas Sarkozy arrived in Britain for a two-day state visit.

The release of the photo just days before the arrival of Carla and Bruni has angered the former model. Bruni pictures to year-old Mrs Sarkozy said: Photographer Pictures said he had taken thousands nude shots of Bruni in the 10 years they worked together, and the nude being auctioned was taken at the end of a session for Italian Carla magazine.

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Click here bruni see a gallery of Bruni and Sarkozy visiting the Queen. Comte said he had no idea how the photo had ended up at auction - "I must bruni given it to someone as a gift," he said.

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Despite the nude publicity, Bruni won over the British fashion critics with her "demure" style while visiting with the Queen. There was agreement that she looked dignified in a high-necked grey coat, matching hat, black belt carla black gloves, on the day a nude photograph from her modelling days appeared in some British newspapers.

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I also thought it was eerily pictures of the young Lady Diana when she was trying to do everything tiny penis gay. The editor of Vogue. She's certainly not trying to upstage anybody.

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That seems to be the message. Image consultant Nude Marshall said the outfit, set off with black flat pumps to lessen the height difference with her husband carla well as Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, how i became a lesbian an attempt to strike the right note.

A number of British tabloid newspapers today published a full-frontal nude photograph of her dating fromto be sold by Christie's auction house.