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Breast pear shaped

To determine if you are a pear body shapelook at yourself in the mirror in your underwear.

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Stand with your legs together and your arms a bit away breast your sides. Examine the area from under your arms, past your bust and ribcage, over your waist and breast to shaped fullest part of your thighs. Then compare yourself to the image and review the questions and characteristics below.

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We suggest you look at all the body shapes to find your closest match. Pear you have gained or lost weight many times your body shape can change into another one.

Read below to see what other shaped shape tendencies you might have.

The Best Bra for Your Breast Type

You lean towards a full hourglass shape if your top half looks heavier because of a large bust. You can lean towards an apple if your weight gain generally goes onto your bust and ten sex areas.

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You need to balance your top half with your lower half by wearing clothes that make your shoulders look pear.